Cooking Classes


A graduate of Le Cordon Bleu, Danielle Mendez has trained students for culinary scholarships, entrance to school, kids who are learning to cook, men and women of every age wanting to expand their culinary horizons. With a team of CIA and Le Cordon Bleu Chefs behind her, Mendez is never at a loss for new classes or fun ideas!  Grab your girlfriends or spouses and host a cooking class with a served meal and cocktails or just grab a friend and get hands on tutoring.

  • Interactive groups
  • Sit down party environment/noninteractive
  • Tutoring (no more than 4 at a time)
  • Scholarship/competition tutoring
  • Nutrition Classes
  • Agriculture tours and classes

Cooking, nutrition and remedial agriculture classes are available:

1. Cooking:

1.5 hour kids and parents cooking session
Want to learn to cook with your kids? Do a cookie baking and decorating session! How about instilling healthy cooking and eating in your children at an early age. Great for Birthday’s and Kids Events! $50 per child

2 hours one-on-one
hands on culinary tutoring in your own home. $150 per person

2 hour group session
You will be given recipes and served what is being taught, while enjoying a lovely glass of wine or champagne Minimum 4 people Minimum $100 per person.

3 hour cooking event
One of our dedicated chefs will come to your house, start you off with appetizers while you enjoy a glass of wine and mingle with your guests. We will then cook for you and your guests while explaining in detail how to make an amazing meal. Take notes, drink wine, make new friends. $200 per person. minimum 4 guests

4 hour classroom session
This hands on culinary experience is the life of a chef. You will work in an actual certified kitchen and learn all the ins and outs of a meal and learn your way around a commercial kitchen. Minimum 6 people. $300 per person

2. Nutrition:

Do you wonder what you should be cooking for your family when they have a cold, the flu, dementia, alzheimers, fatique, allergies, etc… Well we can help you find these answers. In every herb or food are the supplements needed for our body to heal. In these nutrition courses you will be given the knowledge of what foods suit your needs and what supplements, vitamins and minerals aid in the fight for better health and a more fulfilling life. Prices vary.

3. Agriculture:

Would you like to come and visit a working farm? Pick baskets of fruit? Learn about the soil, herbs, vegetables, fruits and what’s needed to sustain the environment? Grab a group of friends and come visit Rancho Brisas del Mar. You will get a tour of the facility, pick 2 baskets of fruits and vegetables and learn tips on how to start your own manageable garden. For people with the ability to walk long, difficult and rocky terrain. 2 hours. $100 per person