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Danielle Mendez

danielle-hawaii-150x150Danielle Mendez is the founder, owner, and executive chef that is the energy and driving force behind Spitfire Events. With a flare for elegance and beauty, impeccable taste, and trained etiquette, she provides high-style production to her events. She has a natural ability to organize and problem solve, and has opened multiple fine dining restaurants and hotels as a General Manager, Event and Catering Director, and Business Development Director. This experience and knowledge has allowed her to excel as an event manager.

After graduating from UCLA with a degree in Art History and Design, Danielle’s love for the art and skill that goes into the creation of food and wine led her to the restaurant industry, where she found a passion for both the floor and kitchen aspects of restaurant management. Eventually, it would be culinary arts that would capture her heart, and in 2008 she graduated from Le Cordon Bleu with a Culinary Arts degree.

Danielle has lived in Seattle, San Francisco, Spain, and San Diego. She loves traveling to amazing destinations throughout the world, expanding both her cultural and culinary knowledge. She plays tennis, and enjoys yoga, Pilates, skiing, and sailing. She loves to sing, work on her farms, watch sports, and attend music events. Danielle has a strong belief in helping others and has spent many years assisting non-profits with raising crucial funding, specifically through events. She sits on various non-profit boards as a Director of Development and Fundraising and is always willing to provide support and assistance to worthy causes, whenever she can.